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Living the South Summit Madrid 2023

Jun 13, 2023

Being surrounded by ideas, entrepreneurs, and projects challenge us to keep up, embrace opportunities and develop the best Product Factory in town. Besides, going to Madrid and enjoying its culture, food and people always brings a nice experience. Guillermo de Bernardo, our CBO, participated in the South Summit Madrid 2023 where a Universe of startups, accelerators and conferences were held. In his own words:

Eureka Labs joins enthusiastic entrepreneurs anytime it has the chance because our innovative spirit nurtures our business. Also, it is relevant to listen to the ones who are running the world with their ideas on AI, blockchain, and renewable energy, among others.

Thousands of ideas, stories and investors came together in Madrid to celebrate the theme ‘Today 2030’, create strong networks, and catch up with current trends that guide the global present and create the future. Many young and inspired startups play to win a spot in different industries, for example: Hensilki Onego Bio, a disruptive food-biotech company, specialized in animal-free egg white protein; the winner Uelz that manage and automate route payment collection with a non-code tool for startups; Build38, the scalable AI/based technology for cybersecurity; Lumio, an idea to build sustainable cities. Guille comments:

Argentina and Brazil were there with their own startups. The agrotech initiatives are a relevant topic around Brazil and plenty of projects are using AI to improve agriculture technologies. Mostly, the entrepreneurs I met are working on SaaS companies in industries like blockchain, energy, and artificial intelligence. Also, accelerators such as Wayra and BBVA were looking for opportunities.

The highlights of the three days** South Summit Madrid **merged into a relevant program full of conferences to learn, be inspired, and rethink what's coming. About this, Guille quotes:

In my opinion, the most interesting and relevant conferences were connected with investments and vertical business on AI and renewable energy. I had the chance to be in a live streaming conference of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s founder, who spoke about the benefits of blockchains, business updates, and traceability of the industry.

The main topics explored were related to global entrepreneurship, our Planet's health, the innovation ecosystem, and the intelligence of the future. Pau Gasol, Padmasree Warrior (Fable’s CEO), Ruchika Sikri (Wisdom Ventures Fund Partner), Jenny Fielding (Co-founder and Managing Partner of The Fund), and others gave some important conferences. However, the program was full of interesting people speaking about art, sports, technology, digitalization, education, programming and humanity.

South Summit Madrid 2023 was a full experience to embrace growth and challenge ourselves on the path of a competitive and forceful world of ideas.

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