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Inside Eureka Labs

Our story

We were always a team of believers. We pursued every goal with the attitudes of young dreamers and the knowledge of committed professionals. We started our careers in eCommerce, internet and technology solutions 15 years ago and never looked back. We founded our own companies, scaled and led others. Some tech giants like eBay and Naspers were interested in our projects buying some of our greatest. Years later, we improved our experience and ideas and taking advantage of that track record on creating and scaling ecommerce, SaaS products and companies, from startups to US public companies, we created our own Product Factory: Eureka Labs.

We create an enjoyable experience for team members


Scale tech Products and Teams for fast growing e-comm and SaaS companies, creating simple solutions to complex problems.


Being the leading Product Factory Partner for fast growing e-comm and SaaS companies, that exceeds customers expectations, while creating an enjoyable experience for team members and global partners.

Role Models of our Values

Using these values and having them guide us in our interactions with customers, candidates, partners, and each other has helped create an incredible environment for all at Eureka Labs.

Build and evolve
our culture

In Eureka Labs we capitalize the best of both worlds: the innovation of startups and the processes of corporations. Our Startup spirit leads us to think and work within flexibility, a changing and dynamic environment, friendly and inclusive culture and managers. In addition, the corporation style enables the stability, processes, support areas, cutting-edge technology and comfortable spaces. We develop a global business environment in the local world.

Team Eureka Labs

Our leaders' experience and passion inspire and encourage our entire Eureka Labs company.

Nico Ramos


Formerly VP, Service Delivery & Strategy at Olapic (sold to Monotype). General Manager at Aivo (AI SaaS company). Endeavor Cordoba Co-founder. Entrepreneurship professor and mentor. MBA.

Roque Peralta


Three-times entrepreneur with prior successful exits to eBay and Naspers. Served as founder and head of product development for those companies.

Guillermo de Bernardo


Three-times entrepreneur with prior successful exits to eBay and Naspers. Served as Director of Marketing development for those companies.

Pablo Niccolai

Head of Service Delivery

Formerly Sr Project Manager for DXC and HP, servicing large accounts like Universal Studios. Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and ITIL.

Seba Aiello


Entrepreneur with experience in Operations, Service Delivery, Marketing, and Communication. Managed international teams. Formerly Director, Service Delivery at Olapic, servicing global brands.

María Cecilia Cornaglia

People & Talent Manager

Data-driven Human Resources Professional with extensive experience in software companies. Passionate about helping people to reach their professional goals within the company.

Leticia Spataro

Finance Director

Certified Public Accountant with experience in Finance & Administration in the Software Industry. Formerly Finance Director at Olapic.

Agus Pessio

Marketing Manager

Storytelling, strategy content and planning experience with global brands, advertising & digital marketing agencies, and startups. Certificated in Rhetoric, Storytelling for Social Change and Writing: human creativity and communication.

A collaborative, integrated and global Team

We are a Cultural-Fit team of more than 70 people working from Latin America, USA and Europe encouraged by human values, smart thinking and optimized performance. In Eureka Labs we have diverse talent across many functions such as FE engineer, BE engineer, QA Engineer, Project Managers, Product Managers, UX & UI designers, Technical Leads, Managers, Finance, HR and others to deliver simple solutions to complex problems.

Our team dynamic

Ongoing Coaching & Feedback with constructive dialogue between internal and external stakeholders to enhance professional development and drive high organizational performance.

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