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Well-being habits, better quality of work-life performance

May 22, 2023

Take care of yourself to improve health and performance to enhance teamwork and company goals. This seems like a simple formula but it requires some serious approach and determination.

Feeling good motivates better quality of life, boosts productivity, and adds value to the workplace. Diego Cardone is not just a Manager at Eureka Labs, he is also a father, husband, runner, and healthy activist who claim:

I can't imagine a week without physical activity. It clears my mind, vitalizes me, and produces endorphins to face each of my tasks in the best way.

The constant building of positive habits that combine body, mind, and spirit creates a net of superior work-life balance. In Diego’s words: “Excel at work, stay more alert and be happier”.

Body, mind, and work-life

In order to understand the connection between well-being and work let’s summarize the consequences of beneficial conditions and healthy habits:

  • Lower levels of burnout.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Worthier work-life balance.
  • High rates of focus and resilience.
  • Stronger relationships and interactions.
  • Innovated and engaged teamwork.

In contrast, negative effects are associated with not paying attention to mind-body harmony:

  • Higher rates of heart disease.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Low quality of sleep.
  • Mental health issues.
  • Work and social events absenteeism.
  • Loss of productivity.
  • Flawed decision-making.

Diego shares his personal experience to understand more profoundly how the coexistence and virtue circle function on physical activity, state of mind, emotional awareness, and professional efficiency:

I know that this is a widespread assumption but thanks to my own practice I can advise you to set the clock at 6 AM, go for a run or take a walk before you start working or at the end of a busy day. The difference is enormous and pretty much advantageous: in my case, it makes me excel at work, stay more alert and be happier.

Our complete lifestyles affect the work environment, specifically determined by how we eat, sleep, rest and move.


Going for a run alongside Diego’s story

Running and physical activity are my ground wire. The training sessions I share with friends are an opportunity to realize how privileged the group is being able to be marathon runners and to run up to 5 or 6 times a week.

Physical activity was always a common routine for me. However, during the pandemic’s reality which closed the gyms, I really began to take running more seriously and organize my training. I joined the PGTeam and several issues felt the need to be accommodated: diet, sleep, marathon preparations, family planning.

I am one of those who like to get up early, go for a run, and come back before the little ones are up to be able to enjoy some family time and play with the kids. Most of my workouts are in the morning, but I also do a lot of them together with my team friends in the afternoon and that's where you have to plan and negotiate the family dynamic. Romi, my wife, fortunately does sports as well so she understands my motives and we take turns training days and schedules.

A flexible job helps to decide if I train during the morning or in the afternoon (or sometimes both) and that is one of the reasons and fundamental pillars for choosing Eureka Labs and making no mistake. I am truly grateful and privileged in life: lovely family, challenging marathon runner, great friends and a job that meets my expectations in every way.


A good start

Living positive experiences and feeling healthy contribute to a complete enjoyment of life: less stress, more motivation, full energy, peaceful mind, needed concentration, preparation for challenges, family and friends priorities, and self care, among others.

In order to achieve this, it is recommended to pause, have a great quality of sleep, be present, and learn to breathe. Also, good food, hydration, and a nutrient-rich diet become a gold issue.

Whether you are in the office or your home, taking breaks and stretching will boost mood, emotional connection, and focus time. Some minutes to relax, go for outdoor walks or embrace sunshine helps the entire body and benefits mental health. Enjoy some time-off and put away smartphones, set an agenda and schedule new adventures: remember that it is safe to disconnect.

Having a purpose in life contributes to feeling valued and looking for worthy goals. And when those purposes are shared not only does this push you forward, also could add some involvement in communities, volunteering, and helping others. Positive social relationships and human connection support your state of mind and emotional being.

It is all about the habits. Those well-being choices that underline lifestyles and follow the simple rule: prioritize caring for your body and mind to feel, connect and perform better.

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