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NPS, the voice of our Partners

May 2, 2023

Who doesn’t want to read this kind of quote?: “It's not that we have to work with YOU; we want to work with YOU”

Well, the original quote we read a couple of months ago was:

Our interaction with Eureka is friendly and honest which bolsters a true partnership. Also, candidates have been solid resources for the company with strong communication skills and quality. Open relationships & quality are fundamental. It's not that we have to work with Eureka; we want to work with Eureka.

Considering the voice of our Partners drive us to:

  • Improve delivery and set new challenges.
  • Celebrate and encourage our team members.
  • Optimize energies, mission and values.

Their feedback is relevant to the entire Eureka Labs team. Consequently, we measure the** NPS (Net Promoter Score) **that provides essential content on satisfaction, suggestions, loyalty, expectations and opportunities. The score number simplifies one issue: the rate of likelihood to be recommended by partners to a friend, organization or colleague. Eureka Labs NPS is 67, which is known as GREAT.


In the last NPS survey the most prized services and products considered by our Partners are:

  • Delivery
  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Problem-solving processes
  • Coding quality
  • UX/UI.

Probably that is one of the reasons to get partner feedback like: “I have been very happy with the communication, flexibility, and partnership of the Eureka team. Strong leadership drives the delivery product momentum. Eureka Labs helped us extend our runway and gain investment and I look forward to continuing our partnership for a long time to come.” This is an important thought on how we lead the Product factory seeking for an integrated and solid approach.

Moreover, the most prized Values by Partners analysis determine if our talents and team members respond with the expected performance as human beings.

  • Exceptionally talented
  • Engaged and enthusiastic individuals
  • Respectul, positive and tolerant culture
  • Interaction and open communication
  • High retention and availability
  • Trust builders and decision takers.

Pointing out:

The team members are performing at a high level and are able to work in a fast-paced environment. Great communication and collaboration inspire working as a cohesive group and supporting each other to meet goals. The team has really shown ownership in deliverables, ability to understand the business, and has been able to deliver features with measurable results.

In addition, the Delivery Values such as innovation, agility, assistance, customized services, technique Know-How, strategy planning and entrepreneur experience are the guiding principles to continue the Product Factory development.

Last but not least, our partners distinguish the time zone match, high standard coding and software products of top global level as a gain asset. Now, it is time to keep growing together with outstanding delivery, active interaction and inspiring improvements. Obviously, there is one simple way to get things done with this result: building the most amazing group of talented humans.

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