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Partnerships’ feedback to excel: when the NPS grows, new challenges arise.

Oct 4, 2023

Months ago we shared the results of our NPS, the Net Promoter Score that measures the likelihood of products and services being recommended by clients to others. Now, it is time to update the number, and also, to consider the relevance of the metrics’ meaning for businesses.

Our new NPS is 79, going from great to excellence. What does it mean?

Being on the right path encourages superior strategies moving forward, new analysis of pain points in continuous improvement vision, and the opportunity to take advantage and celebrate our strengths. Identifying promoters, passives, and detractors creates a guide of expectations and plans.

Partners’ loyalty, enthusiasm, and retention are symptoms of the company's performance leading to different actions: define challenging goals; empower team members; collect useful insights; be aware of concerns and inputs; use the achievements to upgrade partners’ experiences. Learning from the excellent score is fundamental, relaxing is not an option.

Obtaining the NPS, the benefits for our Product Factory

  • Measure to empower digital products, connections and delivery.
  • Interpret insights to drive quality improvements.
  • Highlight the reasons to be chosen and referred to others.
  • Understand concerns and improvement opportunities.
  • Address new actions to keep promoters, engage passives and transform detractors' experiences.

79 NPS, quoting our Growth Partners

The voice of our partners reflects a holistic evaluation: communication and interaction; quality and performance; professionalism and expertise; people and human values; assets and resources.


Everyone is extremely personable and ready to pitch in and help, they truly feel like part of our own team, rather than an extension

Our growth partners brought up interesting feedbacks about Eureka Labs:

  • Very good contractors, responsive and helpful.
  • Clear communication, timely support and strong development.
  • Great people and technical folks, solid workers .
  • Quality resources and appropriate technical skill set and soft skill mix.
  • Consistency of partnership, collaboration.
  • Integrated teams and management's flexibility.
  • Strong professionalism, very talented individuals and a high-performing group.
  • Awesome job working across a variety of products.
  • Hard work and dedication

Better to conclude with the voice of one of our growth partners:

Leadership resources are always available and willing to take feedback and are actively trying to improve the team on an ongoing basis. In addition, the team stays aware of what's coming up to ensure they can assist and meet any needs
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